Simulation Training Device Components

We are no strangers to the demands of the aviation industry. That’s why we ensure every simulator component we fabricate maintains the highest level of quality, reliability, and conformity. From civil to military aviation, we have you covered. We offer build-to-print and design solutions using aerospace industry materials and processes.

Our team of experienced aviation industry craftsmen are experts in meeting our customer’s needs, requirements, and expectations. Every simulator component we fabricate comes with a guarantee of being on-budget, on-time, and of the utmost quality. And our customer service is what truly sets us apart- we are proactive, quick to react to changes, flexible, and easy to work with every step of the way.

The process and technology that goes into fabricating flight simulator components can also be bridged across other industries and applications. This could include other vehicles, both military and commercial, maritime trainers, military and task, heavy equipment and construction equipment trainers.

As a partner to many of the world-leading suppliers of simulation training products, we have honed our skills in delivering top-notch work. See the difference in the quality of our work, contact us today. We would be proud to join your team and contribute to your success, no matter how tough the job may be.


We specialize in fabricating the following flight simulator assemblies:

Welded frame assemblies are typically the structural foundation that a full motion and static simulator is built upon. ISI brings nearly 15 years of experience to the fabrication and assembly of these close tolerance welded structural components.

Many flight simulators also have a static frame platform assembly. This assembly is a fixed structure that serves as a base for the simulator and provides support for the other components and assemblies. The static flight simulator frame platform is typically made up of a welded steel frame that is anchored to the ground or a foundation.

The visual support frame assembly is another critical component of a flight simulator. It’s responsible for providing the visual display system that allows pilots to see the simulated environment. The assembly consists of a frame that supports the projection screens or displays that are used to create the simulated environment. It’s typically made of a lightweight, strong material such as aluminum or carbon fiber.

Turret assemblies are used in some flight simulators to provide a 360-degree view of the simulated environment. The assembly consists of a rotating platform that is mounted on a base and equipped with cameras or other sensors. These cameras or sensors capture the simulated environment and transmit it to the visual display system, allowing pilots to see all around them as they fly.

If it is a manufactured component that assembles into or attaches to the simulator there is a good chance ISI has already built it.

The manufacturing of large assemblies like the instructor’s cabin, cockpit, and visual screen structures fit us perfectly.

Smaller assemblies fit well into our precision machining work cell that can include project mounts, lens brackets, doors, access covers, control pedestals, and a wide range of bracketry.

Entry ramps are used to provide access to the cabin assembly of a flight simulator. These ramps are typically made of metal or other strong materials and are designed to be easily accessible and sturdy.

We are experts in the integration and assembly using aerospace grade structural honeycomb panels of various compositions. With the in-house capability to cut and configure the panels on our 3-axis to designing and producing the required assembly tooling, ISI is ready to meet the challenges related to your products.

Flight Deck Solutions

Flight Deck Solutions is your one-stop-shop for everything flight deck simulator-related. With over 20 years of experience, we provide high-quality flight simulator parts, components, and installation. To learn more about our products and how they can take your flight training to the next level, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly professionals.