HRSG Enclosures

At Industrial Structures, we’ve been equipping power generation plants across the United States, and internationally, with Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) enclosures, equipment, control shelters, and in-plant offices for more than 30 years. For maximum performance in the harshest of operating conditions, our durable, long-lasting designs can be installed over existing equipment or as part of a new plant build to protect your equipment from inclement weather conditions.
Our team of design experts will work closely with your team to thoughtfully design-build each power generation plant enclosure to be site-specific using quality materials built for long-term, heavy-duty performance. With the time and safety of our customers being paramount, the HRSG steam drum enclosures arrive on-site ready to set in place. This “plug & play” feature aids in your safety culture as your installation team is not assembling structures at high elevations.

Power Plant Enclosure Applications


Equipment Buildings

HRSG Enclosures

In-Plant Offices

Oil & Gas Enclosures

For more than 30 years, we have been fabricating modular, preassembled enclosures for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry. Made from ISO containers or from scratch, each enclosure is a site-specific custom design meeting your needs and expectations. Whether it’s a personnel enclosure or a motor control center, each enclosure is completely customizable and designed with the rigors of the oil and gas industry in mind.
Each enclosure comes pre-assembled with all required wiring and plumbing arriving onsite ready to be lifted into place. This “plug and play” feature eliminates assembly time on-site as well as the need to have outside contractors on your site for extended periods of time.
Additionally, custom enclosures can be skid-mounted allowing for easy movability and can also be fabricated with or without flooring. Sheltering your people and equipment has never been easier with our durable and versatile structures.