Manufacturing Custom Engineered Structures in Tulsa, OK

Our team of technicians and craftsmen have hundreds of years of combined experience manufacturing custom-engineered industrial structures and providing custom enclosure solutions for multiple industries. We cater to a diverse range of sectors, including military, aviation, and power generation, as well as railway, oil, and gas.

Quality Services & Expert Solutions


In addition to our renowned custom enclosure solutions, we also offer build-to-print and design solutions using aerospace industry materials and processes. Our simulation training systems feature the latest in virtual reality, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies. This hands-on learning experience provides users with an experience that mirrors real-life situations as closely as possible.

Energy Enclosures

Our energy experts fabricate modular, preassembled enclosure systems tailored for various applications in the oil and gas sector. Additionally, we equip power generation plants both domestically and internationally with Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) drum enclosures and other vital equipment and control shelters.


Our expert craftsmen design modern maintenance-of-way crew boarding cars and other specialized railcars. We build boarding car fleets customized to meet your specifications and needs for crews of any size.

Our Core Values


Every project that bears our name has been created with the highest standards in quality fabrication and design.


Our team of experts are constantly innovating, applying new ideas and introducing creative techniques to create value to our projects.

Customer Service

Everything we do, we do because we believe in serving our customers to the best of our abilities, ensuring efficiency, attention to detail, and professionalism.


We follow a well-honed manufacturing process using leading materials with quality-checking procedures performed throughout all phases of production.